Fighting the fire – (Reporting / Photograph)

Caption – “A Miami-Dade firefighter takes a break from the action as  other workers spray houses as a precaution to the increasingly powerful flames threatening homes on 157th Av on April 6, 2009.”


Fighting the fire – (Reporting / Photograph)

“A Miami-Dade firefighter climbs up to assist other workers spray houses as a precaution to the increasingly powerful flames threatening homes on 157th on April 6, 2009.”

Joe Martinez – Miami Dade County District 11 Commissioner (Event Photo)

In this June 2009 shot we have none other then Dade County’s District 11 Commissioner Joe Martinez. The Commissioner is seen here during an interview at the annual “Cuban Memorial.”  The Memorial is an event held on the fair grounds every year in June/July to remember those lost during the communist regime of Fidel Castro in Cuba. The ones lost are represented with labeled crosses making a makeshift graveyard to give a visual representation of the lives taken. Family members and friends get a chance to pay their respect to those no longer with us. This is a snapshot taking during his interview(s) with local media discussing the importance of the event in the community.

Maternity (Photo)

When photographing a soon to be mommy you need to get what we call “The money shot” it’s a simple photo. It’s almost always a shot of the couple enjoying each others warm grasp. In this July 2009 shoot I believe we did just that. Here’s an excerpt from the shoot. Enjoy!

No updates this week

We’ve got a bunch of shoots coming up so this week they’ll be no updates. Well have updates from our upcoming shoots next week!

Juancarlos Rodriguez – Football (Portrait #2)

Juancarlos Rodriguez is a beast, figuratively of course (well, literally to opposing offenses.) At 6’4 200 lbs the former starting offensive lineman for the Alleghany High trojans knew how to take care of business off and on the field. Holding a 3.0 GPA and starting for both sides of the ball in his senior year his talent and charisma is the perfect example of balancing school/athletics. This is another photo from his December 2009 shoot.

The Cove’s Thursday Night Live (Photo Series – Ads)

These photos are for the Cove’s TNL (Thursday Night Live) ad campaign. We were given the task of photographing the comics with the SNL (Saturday Night Live) photo style and we believe the ads do a great job of representing it. Ad design by Robby V, photos by Elapsed Media.